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Between the two of these breaks, there is a health called entity. We think that the person who is bigger and weighed is looking healthy, he is healthy. Actually, he is healthy, he is healthy. Therefore, to stay healthy, it is health. When a man can be fully aware of himself. Then he can be free from 99% of the diseases.

Before that we will know what the disease is? The name of carelessness is the disease. The mother of all the diseases is inattentiveness. Uncertainty is a theoretical definition of the disease. An external definition of the disease is "If anybody feels any problem from his body or from any cell of his body is called disease." "People are suffering from any discomfort from their body or any organ or cell." If people can be cautious, then they can avoid such problems. Some common diseases can be given in this example. For example- headpieces, ardha head, petabetha etc.

Disease Remedy:
There are hundreds of diseases in humans. People want to drink medicine only if it is a disease. This is his idea, because he is going to be good at medication. Here one thing is that people will be good at playing medicine, but at the right time the medicine should be eaten, the rules should be eaten tantrically and it should be properly diagnosed. Here the question comes when proper treatment is not properly treated, the disease will not be good. Before knowing what to do after the first.
1. The patient
2. Disease
3. Medical
4. Medicine

Determining the correct diagnosis of a patient means that 50% of the diseases are good. Then identify the reason why the disease originated. Due to the lack of proper diagnosis, the disease may be temporary, but later on the disease will be seen. Proper treatment is the name of applying the right diagnosis.

For example: - If the headache starts with a person's migraine problem. If you have pain medicines or injections, you may have headache or apply migraine, propanol or indover headache. It is a medical, temporary tranquility available, but not a proper treatment. So Heniman said "Treat the patient not the disease." "Treat the patient, not the disease." It means that there is a person's main illness, the headache. So, why should we have to determine why the problem of migraine is the problem. If this reason is removed, then the headache alone will be removed. However, medicines can be applied to bring the disease under control.

In our country, 99% of people deal with the disease, do not treat the patient. Do not treat the person in the plane. For example, if a person suffers from pain, then he accepts pain medicines and then surrenders it, but if properly treated due to determination of the cause, he would not have undergone surgery.

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What is Alternative Medicine?

Alternative medicine consists of a good vary of health care practices, products, and therapies. The shared feature may be a claim to heal that's not supported the methodology. medicine practices area unit various in their foundations and methodologies.

The medicine practices are used instead of traditional therapies is called alternative medicine.

What is Homeopathic Medicine?

The new healing method is homeopathy.When you need to surgery, you can try to use alternative medicine like homeopathy before surgery. The best alternative medicine is homeopathic medicine. It can recover the diseased organs of the body in a healthy condition.

The Feature of Digital Clinic (Online Clinic):

  1. Patient Admission to Clinic.
  2. Add 100 information about disease by ansuering multiple choose questions.
  3. Shoot Pathology report image by using smartphone or scaner.
  4. Patient Login to Clinic
  5. Upload pathology report image file.
  6. Add daily disease update status.
  7. Personal message to Doctor.
  8. Make the Payment.
  9. Get Prescription.
  10. Get alternative medicine and homeopathic medicine.
  11. Get daily doctor advice.
  12. After 6 months make 2nd pathology report to compare previous pathology report.

History of Homeopathy?

Homoeopathy was discovered in European nation two hundred years back by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. He was a M.D of Medicine. However, he was obtaining disenchanted with the sort of treatment doctors gave patients in his days. Most of it concerned purging, a technique or another. Patients got laxatives, emetics or were created to bleed by applying leeches, in an effort to cure diseases. Hahnemann gave up his apply of medication and worked as a chemist.
He was additionally a scholar fluent in fourteen languages. thus he started translating the initial medical work whereas he was translating one in all the work of a doctor he discovered the detail that the bark of the chinchona might cure protozoal infection. Having a scientific mind, he set to experiment. He Greek deity slightly of bark and noted it made symptoms the same as protozoal infection. He gave a similar bark to few of his friends and relatives and that they made protozoal infection like symptoms. however he went one step any whenever a patient came with malaria; administration of this bark cured the unwellness condition.
He continuing experimenting with totally different medicative substances. He detected that those who made symptoms the same as a unwellness were capable of treating the unwellness. He developed the law: SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTUR (LIKE Cures LIKE). Homoeopathy was born!!!

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